Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities including games, sports and hobbies develop among children the spirit of leadership, comradeship, cooperation, coordination and competition. The school has an Activity Centre / A very big Sports Complex, the largest of its kind, compared to any school in the vicinity, fit to provide all facilities for games such as FOOTBALL, HOCKEY, CRICKET, BASKETBALL, LAWN TENNIS, BADMINTON and VOLLEYBALL. It also has TRACKS FOR ATHLETICS.

The Indoor Games Complex has facilities for playing TABLE TENNIS, CARROM, CHESS and BOXING etc. The school makes special efforts to provide coaching to deserving players for the development of their talent and skills.

The school will also provide the facility of GYMNASIUM. Emphasis on regular exercise and physical fitness is laid. These activities are conducted under the supervision of trained P.T. Instructor.

The school includes as part of its curriculum, hobbies, both recreational and profiable eg carpentry, gardening, tailoring, candle making, etc as per child’s interest so that even in such fields the child is encouraged to use his/her talents.

Dance and Music being the platform upon which both Indian and Western art & culture rest, they are provided for in the belief that the child should grow and develop as a “ WORLD CITIZEN”. Arts & crafts periods are allotted to every class to help them learn crafts. 

The activities are divided under ARTS- CLUB and SCIENCE- CLUB as below :

Arts Club

Class Arts Club Events
1. Nursery and Prep Colouring Competition, Smiling, Balloon Race and Action Song
2. Class I and II Fancy Dress, Sketch Painting, Solo Song and Speech (English, Hindi)
3. Class III, IV and V Drawing & Painting, Fancy Dress, Solo Song, Solo Dance and Speech(E,H)
4. Class VI, VII & VIII Painting, Solo Song, Solo Dance, Group Song, Group Dance and Elocution/ Debate (English, Hindi), Extempore, etc.
5. Class IX and X Dramatics, Elocution/Debate (English, Hindi), Essay (English, Hindi), Solo Song, Solo Dance, Extempore, etc.
6. Class XI and XII Group Song and Group Dance Symposium, Plays & Drama, Declamation, Elocution / Debate (English, Hindi), Solo Dance and Group Dance

Science Club

provides ample opportunities for the development of a scientific temper. Some of the items carried out under the auspices of the Club are

  1. Elocution and Debates
  2. Quiz Programme
  3. Annual Science Exhibition
  4. Monthly Seminars
  5. Study Tours
  6. Creative Writing

It is the sincere desire of the School Management to make each and every student an excellent performer, academically and co-academically. Each one shall stand apart yet belong to the same ethos.



The M.A.F. Academy Shiksha Samiti has instituted awards for the outstanding students to be given by the Awards committee every year. These awards serve as incentives for the students and encourage a healthy competition amongst them.

While satisfying the usual curriculum requirements, the school aims specially at developing a tolerant, balanced independent attitude of mind. 

For the complete development of this section, there are a lot of activities like FANCY DRESS, SKETCH PAINTING, SOLO AND GROUP SONG, SOLO AND GROUP DANCE AND ELOCUTION

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